Every day we are encouraged to drink more water. No denying it I know I could use more in my diet. We all want to make the best choices for our families both financially and health wise. A reverse osmosis system might deliver on both those criteria. For just pennies a day you can have drinking water right at your kitchen sink that is at or above the quality of most store bought bottled water.

The types of systems vary but most have either a 3 or 4 filtering process. Normally we see units with   pre and post filters that are of paper or carbon. The real heart of these filtering processes is the membrane filter. The water is basically pressurized through a force through microscopic openings in the filter. This process leaves a pure form of water without any dissolved solids or particulate. These systems are usually mounted funder the kitchen sink and have a separate faucet to dispense from. They also require a storage tank to hold processed water. The system processes the water equivalently to 1 drop at a time. To overcome this depletion, a storage tank usually about 2 gallons is provided. This acts as a buffer to keep the freshly processed water ready for use.

These systems are really good economical way to provide quality drinking water to your family. In addition to that think of the impact you could have by just not having all those plastic water bottles being thrown away. The environment is impacted dramatically from plastic pollution and we need to think responsibly. I urge all our customers to consider this safe practical solution to affordable quality drink water.  After the initial installation of the unit, once per year the filters need replaced. And that can be done by a licensed plumber. We at ALL-PRO Plumbing Services, LLC have several options of R.O. systems available and would be glad to install and or service your drinking water system.

Don’t forget to provide your Pets with that same quality drinking water!

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