We’ve all heard the stories of somebody we know going on vacation only to come home to a major catastrophe.  A water pipe or water heater has ruptured causing a mess or even worse flood, so much for the vacation. It happens unfortunately more often than you’d think. Although nothing is 100 percent full proof these tips could help lessen the impact of such an occurrence.

We at ALL-PRO Plumbing Services, LLC suggest the next time you go on vacation for 2 or more days shut the water main off. This is usually a fairly simple process, most homes have main water shut offs inside the home.  If you have city water you can shut the water off by the meter, a well type system should also have a shut off valve if not then you can always turn the electric off to the pump. If in the event you do develop a leak on a water line or your water heater with the valve off you may still have a mess or flood but, the mess will only be the existing water already in the plumbing system and not continuously being feed by 60 to 80 PSI of water pressure.

Sometimes this isn’t an option due to people in and out of the home for pets and mail etc. There are some other suggestions like, shutting off only the inlet water valve to the water heater. Shutting off the water to the washing machine (these hoses develop leaks and or burst). Try only leaving a single sink and toilet on. By code all your sinks and toilets should have shut offs. On some occasions it is common that the shut off valves may not open and or close all the way, or maybe won’t turn, or lastly can possibly drip after being turned. These can be fixed by your locally licensed plumber. Along with shutting off water to fixtures many gas water heaters have a vacation setting on the thermostat. This will save energy while you’re gone. On electric water heaters the thermostat might be internal which may require simple flipping the electric breaker. As with any of these suggestions if you are unsure always check with a professional.

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