Flushing of water heaters are highly recommended to maintain efficiency. Even with a water softener lime and scale can still accumulate in your water heater. With the rising cost of water heaters this is one area where regular maintenance can extend the life of your equipment Depending on your skill levels this may be something a DIY person might do themselves.  If not fully sure please use a trusted professionally licensed plumber.

We at ALL-PRO Plumbing Services, LLC recommend flushing a water heater at least once per year. If the home is without a water softener that recommendation increases to twice and maybe even three times per year. The Indianapolis and surrounding communities have very hard water and this can damage piping and appliances. If you hear popping or banging noises from your water heater chances are that’s a sign of excessive lime and scale build up. More often than not it’s almost inevitable that sediment will accumulate in your plumbing system. However, with regular maintenance you can protect your investment and get maximum longevity from your purchase

Do not drain your water heater till the unit is empty. There is a difference between flushing and draining. Sometimes draining an older water heater may damage the unit so if unsure always ask a professional.  Usually most plumbing companies will offer an inspection of the water heater with the flushing. If any potential problems are noticed this is a way to be proactive and do the  required maintenance to ensure hot water on demand.

As with any plumbing repairs or installations make sure the technician has a valid plumbing license. What may seem like an easy project if done by untrained persons may lead to damaging or improper repairs and or installations. Through the years there has been an increase of outside companies trying to enter the plumbing services such as handyman, water conditioning, and even heating and cooling companies. These companies most often do not know the local plumbing codes that are established to protect the consumer. Lastly, it is against the law.

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