It happens every spring, the sun breaks from the gray doldrums of winter, birds start singing, the flowers start to bloom and the grass starts turning green. With the increase of spring fever you decide to do some yard work. Dragging out the hoses and yard tools you prune and trim and decide lastly to water the flowers and lawn. This is when you turn the handle on your outside faucet and one of two things happens. Either when you go to shut off the faucet the handle just spins and continues to drip/run.  Or the ever more popular outcome is you decide to go inside thinking you’ve done a good days work and then you notice wet carpet or drywall being wet or damaged. Time to call the plumber!

It seems that somehow over the winter the hose was left on the outside faucet and it has now frozen and burst. It’s a common problem here in Indiana. Usually it goes unnoticed until spring and that’s when we at ALL-PRO Plumbing Services, LLC get an increased demand for outside faucet replacements. A lot of times the faucet may be old and need repairs/replaced but, many times the damage could’ve been prevented.  Most of the newer outside faucets are described as” frost free”, this simply means that if installed correctly when the faucet is shut off the remaining water inside the faucet drains out. This usually is enough in most cases to ensure the faucet from freezing.  However, when a garden hose is left attached to the faucet the water cannot drain properly and this is when the damage occurs.

In the fast paced and hectic world we live in often things like unhooking garden hoses fall to the wayside. We at ALL-PRO Plumbing Services, LLC totally understand this and are more than willing to repair and or replace outside faucets without judgment or ridicule. These things happen to the best of us. Hopefully this friendly reminder will help save you a future service call.

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