Flushing of water heaters are highly recommended to maintain efficiency. Even with a water softener lime and scale can still accumulate in your water heater. With the rising cost of water heaters this is one area where regular maintenance can extend the life of your equipment Depending on your skill levels this may be something a DIY person might do themselves.  If not fully sure please use a trusted professionally licensed plumber. Read more
It happens every spring, the sun breaks from the gray doldrums of winter, birds start singing, the flowers start to bloom and the grass starts turning green. With the increase of spring fever you decide to do some yard work. Dragging out the hoses and yard tools you prune and trim and decide lastly to water the flowers and lawn. This is when you turn the handle on your outside faucet and one of two things happens. Read more
An often overlooked potential for leak and damage by most homeowners is there clothes washing machine. Many of you are aware that behind the washing machine is usually hot and cold water shut offs with a drain stand pipe. From those shut off valves typically we see black rubber hoses that take the water to the hot and cold inlets of the machine. Over time rubber becomes brittle and these hoses will become damaged and fail. Read more
Every day we are encouraged to drink more water. No denying it I know I could use more in my diet. We all want to make the best choices for our families both financially and health wise. A reverse osmosis system might deliver on both those criteria. For just pennies a day you can have drinking water right at your kitchen sink that is at or above the quality of most store bought bottled water. Read more
We’ve all heard the stories of somebody we know going on vacation only to come home to a major catastrophe.  A water pipe or water heater has ruptured causing a mess or even worse flood, so much for the vacation. It happens unfortunately more often than you’d think. Although nothing is 100 percent full proof these tips could help lessen the impact of such an occurrence. Read more
I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten a call with a frantic person on the other end screaming they have water pouring from the ceiling.  My first reaction is to ask if the water has been shut off and more often than not the person on the other end doesn’t know where the valve is located. Read more